ECOTINT® SB Solvent Borne architectural POS colorants

ECOTINT® SB contains 12 Solvent Based colorants providing full coverage of RAL colors. Their main use is high performance, non-aqueous industrial and maintenance coatings such as construction, furniture lacquers, automotive refinishing, marine coatings, flooring and road marking.

ECOTINT® SB colorants are formulated using the right choice of pigments carefully selected to provide high opacity and tinting strength with excellent resistance to weather, chemicals and heat.  An In house developed, proprietary aldehyde resin carrier is used to yield an outstanding compatibility to a wide range of non-aqueous systems such as Epoxies, polyurethanes, alkyds, acrylic, cellulosic lacquers, chlorinated rubber etc.

ECOTINT® SB colorants are latest generation Chrome -Lead Free and aromatic free (<1000 ppm) technology. These environmental friendly colorants contain  MPA with a low VOC content (<500 g/l).

ECOTINT® SB colorants are designed exclusively for POS machines with excellent stability, flow properties and resistant to drying out. The colorants manufactured under very tight colorimetric specifications (DE < 0,7) and are controlled both gravimetrically and volumetrically and are suitable for In Plant tinting.