ECOTINT® Premium


ECOTINT® Premium POS Colorants for Decorative Paints and Plasters

ECOTINT® Premium is a unique selection of 20 high performance organic and inorganic colorants which can be combined to form a flexible customized POS tinting system. These colorants are perfect for exterior paints and plasters to cover the full color spectrum.

ECOTINT® Premium inorganic range contains 10 Façade colorants highly resistant against  UV radiation, alkali and acids with exceptional weather fastness. A complete façade system is available for tinting a broad range of colors for façade paints, plasters, silicone, silicate and thermo insulation EIFS systems. The durability of these colors and the lifetime of the EIFS systems  can be further enhanced with the use of the ECOTINT® Cool innovative color formulation technology differentiating from competition.

ECOTINT® Premium organic range contains 10 highly concentrated colorants  which offer high opacity brilliant colors with minimum impact on paint properties such as viscosity, sagging and scrub resistance. In the yellow, red and orange color areas, there are options for both interior and exterior, providing not only excellent durability in terms of weather fastness when needed but also cheaper alternatives for interior tinting.

ECOTINT® Premium colorants are very low odor, emissions and VOC content< 1g/l providing excellent Indoor Air Quality and taking care for human and planet (Euphoria concept).