In an industry were only recently ago experience and high technology are integrating in order to achieve the most efficient and accurate results, LEONICE excels in software creation, programming and goes one step further constantly investing in digital science and network connection tools creating and shaping the future trends of the paints market.

LEOMIX® Cloud Platform is a powerful web tool that provides ONLINE communication between a paint manufacturer and its tinting machines.

LEOMIX® Cloud allows safe, rapid, and constant information sharing, with the purpose of immediate feedback and better interaction. This easy to navigate, user friendly online tool will help a company manage its POS systems successfully and, simultaneously, have a comprehensive overview of the market at any given time.

LEOMIX® Cloud platform allows data management, configuration control and update of the POS or in-plant tinting machines. According to the needs of the Technical, Sales and Marketing management, notifications, alerts and sales data can be defined in a customised and effective way. LEOMIX® Cloud platform is a state of the art tool that can make the difference in the current and future paints market competitive environment.



Online Update

LEOMIX® Cloud generates update files of key features that can easily and automatically be distributed to the market, every time a new addition must be released. Updates can include new formulas or color cards, reformulated and improved recipes, customized formulas, revised pricing policies (such as VAT changes, new profit margins etc.), or a new updated version of the local tinting software that must be installed.

POS Mapping Overview

Every POS will appear live on a map at any given time, along with helpful details pertaining to its status. The company will be able to have a view of every one of its stores activity, the point in time at which a dispense occurs or a machine is in operation or inactive, as well as the type of tinting machines that are installed in each location.


Data Management

Color Databases: The user can view, add, update or delete products or product categories, with additional data regarding them.

POS: The user can view, add, update or delete POS locations with all the necessary information, such as the proprietor's name and contact details, address, multiple email addresses etc.

POS Groups: The user can group their fleet in the market accordingly (i.e. by region), for a more improved and organized fleet management.

Marketing Information

LEOMIX® Cloud generates “ready to use” reports and statistics for management analysis. LEOMIX® Cloud Platform receives necessary information every time a dispense is occurring, for statistical purposes. The company can derive statistical data that will help further improve future marketing strategies and planning.

The information that can be extracted varies from most popular products currently in the market, most popular shades, most successful geographical areas, time of the year with highest sales, the monthly turnover, profit margin by product, base, colorants etc.