ECOTINT® Façade POS Colorants for Exterior Paints and Plasters

ECOTINT® Façade is a selection of 7 high exterior durability inorganic colorants optimized to balance cost and performance. These colorants are ideal for applications such as façade, roofs, window frames and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS).

ECOTINT® Façade enhances the exterior protection capabilities of your products with a range of inorganic colorants of excellent exterior durability, hydrophobicity and water impermeability. Apart from the 6 Inorganic colorants it contains an innovative inorganic IR Black colorant that replaces carbon black. This enables the production of medium to strong grey colors that achieve less heat absorption compared to conventional colorants by increasing the Total Solar reflection (TSR) of the colors.

ECOTINT® Façade is a stand alone system for POS or for In plant use and for the upgrade of your existing system with a façade module at low install and operational cost. At the same creating marketing differentiation and competitive advantages including the exclusive Leomix façade 260 colorcard.

ECOTINT® Façade colorants have excellent long term stability, combined with improved flow properties and resistant to drying out ensure easy and accurate dispensing. They are environment friendly  with a low VOC content, typically < 1 g/l in accordance with latest environmental requirements.