ECOTINT ® Smart POS Universal Architectural Colorants

ECOTINT® Smart contains 12 colorants for interior and exterior applications and 4 inorganic colorants for Facades. It is optimized to balance refill cost and performance with broad compatibility in water based and solvent based paints.

ECOTINT® Smart colorants contains offer a very competitive refill cost and reduce significantly the coloration cost for medium to high saturated colors due to their optimized color strength. Highly versatile, ECOTINT® Smart  delivers   thousands of colors only with 12 colorants.

ECOTINT® Smart is the ideal replacement of many old systems still in the market of low color strength, containing APEO & VOC,  with many gaps in the blues, greens, oranges and violets areas of the color spectrum. 

ECOTINT® Smart includes unique, high performance automotive grades of red (R2)  and Yellow (Y3)  colorants which allow the formulation of clear brilliant red, yellow and orange colors with excellent exterior durability.

ECOTINT® Smart includes a facade supplement with 4 Inorganic colorants highly resistant against UV radiation, alkali and acids with exceptional weather fastness. Two transparent iron oxide colorants options are available for wood finishing products.

ECOTINT®   Smart colorants are environment   friendly  with a low VOC content,  < 1 g/l  in accordance with latest environmental requirements. Their excellent long term stability, combined with improved flow properties and resistant to drying out  ensure easy and accurate dispensing.