ECOTINT® Drop In  POS Universal Architectural Colorants

ECOTINT® Drop In contains 300++ colorants based on ECOTINT® low VOC <1 g/l technology, matching the most popular tinting systems in market.

ECOTINT® Drop In ensures a safe refill on top of your old colorants without cleaning, waste and keeping the same database. ECOTINT® Drop In colorants are odorless and comply with the latest environmental requirements.

ECOTINT® Drop In colorants offer competitive prices lowering costs but in the same time enhances quality characteristics utilizing latest tinting technology.

Additionally enhances the properties of your current POS tinting by solving quality issues such as compatibility, exterior durability and canister performances. Our Research & Development center is the heart of this process.

ECOTINT® Drop In colorants are perfect for POS dispensing machines, resistant to drying out, excellent stability in the canisters and easy and accurate dispensing.